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Sexual Excitement and Sexual Attraction in Individuals who Experience Gender Incongruence in Norway

Sexual Excitement and Sexual Attraction in Individuals who Experience Gender Incongruence in Norway

Objectives: Sexual excitement and sexual attraction have
been made obscure in histories of gender incongruency.
One reason has been the ideas among professionals, that
genital surgery could be justified by lack of sexual interest
among transsexuals. Individuals who experience gender
incongruence have become more self-assertive, and more
proudly self-aware. Sexual practices multiply, traditional
norms are challenged when it comes to gender, attraction,
sexual excitement and identities. This study aims at
deeper understanding of the paradigmatic change in the
views of sexuality and gender.
Method: A French questionnaire was translated and
culturally adapted to Norwegian, using a forward-backward
translation procedure. The survey consisted of 129
items, aimed to register data on gender transition,
health, sexuality, gender identification, and discrimination.
A total of 538 respondents answered the survey.
Responses around gender identification, sexual excitement
and sexual attraction will be statistically analyzed.
Results: Sexuality is absolutely necessary or important
for 69% of the responders. There are multiple sources
of sexual satisfaction. These sources will be
analyzed. Generally concerning sex with a partner,
both are equally interested in sex, but 29% answer that
it is the partner who is most interested. Only 7%
respond that they never watch porn. A small percentage
(8%) have visited swinger clubs, backroom gay
clubs, BDSM- or fetish-clubs.
80% of the responders have had sex with others
since about 17,5 years of age. 45% have had sex during
the last month. Close to 50% of the responders define
themselves outside the gender binary.
Discussion: Sexual excitement and sexual attraction
will be analyzed and discussed in relation to self-
defined gender identity. Sexual excitement can be experienced
separate from sexual attraction, and the concept
of sexual orientation must be redefined into an
outside the binary model of gender belonging.

Speakers: Elsa Almås