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Sexology as a Science

Sexology as a Science

Sexology is a Science, a DISCIPLINE, belongs to the
Biological Sciences, a subgroup of the Natural Sciences.
Mainly empirical, its knowledge comes from observable
phenomena; have two study areas: Sex and Sexual
The study of Expressive Phenotypical Patterns
(Gender Diversity or Sex Diversity) and Sexual
Function Patterns (Sexual Behavior, Human Sexuality),
is share with the Social Sciences which utilized quantitative
and qualitative methodology.
The lack of uniformity related to the definition and
concept of Sexology is a Matter to address.
Sexology Define: study of Sex. As an organic body
has a function; Operational Definition: study of Sex
and its Function. The understanding of Sex and Sexual
Function phenomena allow Conceptualized Sexology:
study of Sex Development and Sexual Function. Both
areas have been approached as a Process, which has
phases and factors that determine it. Operational
Conceptualization: study of Sex Development Process,
its physiology and alterations and the Sexual Function
Process, its physiology and alteration.
Sex Development Process: Programming Phase
(chromosomes and genetic cascade Factors),
Differential Phase (hormonal and transcript Factors),
Expressive Phenotypical Phase (Factor: interrelation
human physiology- sociocultural environment).
Sexual Function Process:
Quality: innate condition, allows activating, maintaining,
deactivating or inhibiting sexual activities.
known as Sexual Desire. External or Internal factors
determine it.
Administration, methods and frequency Factors
determine Stimulation Phase; Response phase Factors:
anatomo – hormone- neuro- vascular- endothelial and
Time of Functioning: interval between Sexual
Stimulation onset and the end of Sexual Response, has
a direct relation with the ability to control which is the
Sexology the field, areas:
Sexual Health, Sexual Rights, Clinical Sexology.
Sexuality, Sex Education, Sex Counseling, Gender
Diversity, Sex Orientation.
Keywords: Sexology, Science, Discipline
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