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Developments of Sexology in France between 1974 and 2019

Developments of Sexology in France between 1974 and 2019

Presented by Alain Giami

It took more than 40 years to build French sexology.
In 1974 Paris is chosen to organize the 1st
International Congress of Medical Sexology. At the
same time, the SFSC, French association of sexology, is
created, and organize courses and conferences. WHO
declares the importance of sexual health and the need
for professional training.
In 1975 and 1976, the first academic diplomas in
sexology are created in Marseille and Lyon, with other
universities gradually joining them. The pioneering
sexologists and teachers are grouped in a post-graduate
association: the AIHUS, which will become AIUS in

  1. Academics and practitioners, doctors and nonphysicians,
    teachers and trainers, are gathered in the
    same spirit, united by the same concern for ethics, clinical
    practice, research and transmission of new knowledge
    that denounce sexual suffering at a time when it
    is still taboo to talk about sexuality.
    AIUS’ objectives extend to the training of French
    doctors and health professionals concerned with the
    difficulties of sexuality, to the field of prevention and
    education, to the field of sexual violence, to the quality
    of sexual life of HIV-positive people, to the management
    of sexuality in chronic diseases and disabilities, to
    better inform professionals and the public about sexual
    orientation and gender identities and their difficulties.
    The AIHUS create the journal “Sexologies” in 1992,
    only bilingual journal in the field of sexology now referenced
    in the Emerging Source Citation Index (ESCI)
    and many others, now organ of the EFS and AIUS
    With the SFSC, AIUS founds a Federation of
    Sexology and Sexual Health at the origin of National
    Congresses. After its recent dissolution, a new chapter
    in the history of sexology is beginning. AIUS plays a
    central role in the development of French sexology,
    organization of teaching and training, research, management
    of the profession and definition of professional
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