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The 21 Elements for Designing and Leading a Successful SAR

The 21 Elements for Designing and Leading a Successful SAR

Based on a 2016 international survey of SAR providers—
and derived from 11 years of experience in leading
55+ SARs in 6 countries—this presentation shows the
21 elements that comprise a successful SAR. Elements
include event planning and preparation, considerations
for space and time required, purposeful design of the
SAR, staffing needs, budgeting and income projections,
developing the agenda, media selection, inviting speakers
from the Lived Experience, Small Group Process,
training of leadership during SAR, evaluation criteria,
potential outcomes from specific learning objectives,
handling problematic participants, and specialty populations
to be served. Sexual Attitudes Reassessment
(and Restructuring) or SAR has been required of sexuality
professionals as a critical component of their
training since the 1970s. SAR fulfills the need for
sexuality professionals to confront their Values,
Attitudes, and Beliefs about sexuality, through exposure
to explicit media, the Lived Experiences of a diverse
range of speakers, and intimate group process among
peers. This presentation reveals how to maximize the
potential impact of SAR, including behind-the-scenes
insights. It suggests recommendations for SAR to
thrive as an ongoing contribution to the future of
Keywords: Sexuality education, Professional training,
Values clarification
Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement: None;
however, please note that I lead SAR programs as an
AASECT CE Provider and for Sex Coach U students.

Speakers: Patti Britton