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Sexual Fantasies: An Exploration on its Variety and Frequency

Sexual Fantasies: An Exploration on its Variety and Frequency

Introduction & Objectives: Sexual fantasies are imaginary
representations that are grounded in experiences or
ideals generated by cultural exposure. Fantasies are
important since they provide information of people’s
lives, interests, frustration and desires. The aim of this
study was to characterize the sexual fantasies of participant,
with a sizable majority of Mexican participants.
Methods & Sample: An online survey using the
Wilson (1978) inventory of sexual fantasies, that
groups fantasies in exploratory, intimate, impersonal
and sadomasochist was integrated to a survey to which
the database of the Institution as well as its social
media were invited. A total of 1,513 participants completed
the questionnaire
Results: The most frequent type of fantasy reported
was the intimacy type. Exploratory fantasies were
second in rank followed by sadomasochist and the
impersonal. When frequencies were analyzed by
reported gender, men had more exploratory fantasies
(F= 11.268, p < 0.001) and impersonal (F = 6.022,
p = 0.003); whereas females had more intimacy related
fantasied (F = 7.146, p= 0.001). Interestingly the comparisons
of sadomasochist fantasies were not statistically
different when compared males with females
Conclusion & Recommendation: Sexual fantasies
are extremely frequent and part of the sexual lives of
participants. While the results cannot be generalized to
the general population, the information provided as to
the range of fantasies, and their role in sexual life and
sexual well-being is clearly shown in this group of participants.
It is recommended that this dimension of
sexual life be part of educative and counseling and
therapeutic processes.
Keywords: sexual fantasies, gender differences in
sexual fantasies
Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement: None