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Black Females Sexual Myths: Impact on Swingers Culture

Black Females Sexual Myths: Impact on Swingers Culture

Introduction, Objectives & Sample: This was a qualitative,
phenomenological research dissertation with five
Black Women and five Caucasian Men to explore the
theory of sexual, emotional and social participation in
the Swinging Lifestyle and, the impact of the “Jezebel”
sexual archetype on both perception and behavior by
Black Women with Caucasian Men who are participants
of the Swinging Lifestyle.
Methods: The participants were interviewed, using
open-ended qualitative questions regarding their attitudes
and perceptions about race in the swinging subculture,
swinging in general as well as their experiences
in the Lifestyle. Findings were compared with previous
studies from the 2000s, as well as, with common racial
and feminist thoughts and potential misconceptions
about the Lifestyle. The results showed that although
demographically the black female swingers were similar
to past studies, much of the previous research data was
outdated and incorrect.
Findings & discussion: Fifteen themes emerged
from the research study. These themes were a fetish,
free, sexual power, reclaiming a sense of self-worth &
purpose, women power, open minded, respect, societal
challenge, black vs. white, the hidden connection,
secret, jealousy, personal empowerment, the impact of
racism, racism, and Jezebel. Critical to the themes was
the emergence of an overarching understanding of the
importance of Black females’ sexual freedom.
Furthermore, the study provided evidence to support
the idea that black women can overcome racial gender
stereotypes and cultural indoctrination based on their
sexual exploration and freedom. The research suggests
that sexual knowledge and performance created in the
lives of Swingers and provided a sense of sexual freedom
for Black Females.
Recommendations: Recommendations will be presented
for further research and socio-cultural implications
for sexologists.
(Literature: This is sourced from the dissertation on
this topic for PhD at IASHS)
Keywords: Swingers, Jezebel, Black female sexual
Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement: I am
a graduate of Sex Coach U. I am not an independent
contractor working for Sex Coach U. I derive no
income from this presentation.

Speakers: Valerie Poppel