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WPATH Standards of Care Version 8 Draft (WPATH Symposium)

WPATH Standards of Care Version 8 Draft (WPATH Symposium)

The World Professional Association for Transgender
Health (WPATH) is an international, multidisciplinary,
professional association, whose mission is to promote
evidence-based care, education, research, advocacy,
public policy, and respect for transgender health.
With over 2,500 members in the mental health,
medical, surgical, legal and social services fields,
WPATH is the only international professional association
devoted solely to improving the health and treatment
of transgender and gender diverse individuals
WPATH is best known for publishing the Standards
of Care (SOC) first published in 1979. Through
WPATH’s leadership, the Standards of Care is now in
its 7th revision. The Standards of Care is based on evidence-
based medicine and expert professional consensus.
WPATH has translated the SOC7 into 17
languages all available free for download via www.
The revision process for SOC8 is currently underway
and WPATH is expected to release the first draft for
feedback in September 2019. This symposium will present
an overview of the recommendations and gather
input from the audience as well as provide mechanisms
for further feedback.
Keywords: transgender, Standards of Care, WPATH
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