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Promoting Sexual Rights and Fighting Homo-Transphobia in a University Context in Italy

Promoting Sexual Rights and Fighting Homo-Transphobia in a University Context in Italy

The SInAPSi University Service Center of the University
of Naples Federico II, through its Anti-Discrimination
and Culture of Differences Section, promotes events to
foster a culture that values differences and good practices.
The purpose is to acknowledge, promote, and
guarantee sexual rights, as well as to prevent and fight
against human rights violations and abuse related to
gender and sexual stereotypes. Such actions aim at providing
support through inclusion-related programs for
students experiencing disabilities or identifying as
LGBTQI. Inviolable rights of each human being include
those defined by WAS and WHO as sexual rights
(“human rights related to sexual health”), which are promoted
within contexts acknowledging them. In Italy,
due to sexual and gender stigma, LGBTQI and disabled
students often find themselves as living their sexual life
and love relationships in a situation of invisibility.
Likewise, they tend to hide aspects of their sexual identity,
conforming themselves to the dominant heteronormative,
genderist and sexist model that prevails in
educational organizations and socialization processes.
An inclusive organization that is sensitive to the emotional,
social and physical needs of its members, instead,
has to promote – through integrated sex education as
well – the active participation of all members. This is
what the SInAPSi Center intends to achieve through
various activities addressed to university students, such
as congresses, information, education, and awareness
raising on sexual identity and health, thematic workshops,
information meetings with professors serving as
inclusion spokespersons. In doing so, the SInAPSi
Center would promote the physical, emotional, social
and sexual well-being of all its members, guaranteeing
the basic and inviolable rights of well-being and security,
among which the right to sexuality and health.
Keywords: LGBTQI, Inclusion, Sexual rights
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