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Sexual Well Being & Sexual Rights for an Ageing Population

Sexual Well Being & Sexual Rights for an Ageing Population

Introduction & rationale: The global population continues
to rise with the United Nations Prospects (2017)
predicting that by 2050 the proportion of the global
population aged 60 or over will double to 22% whilst
those aged 65 and over is expected to rise threefold to
nearly 1.5 billion. The challenges for social and health
care are considerable and I have previously proposed
that rapid adjustments will have to be made to social
policy but that these will not have universal implementation
globally for numerous reasons. I shall review
progress since our last congress and share further my
thoughts on the role that organisations such as WAS
with a global reach may influence.
Action and Population group concerned: The
health consequences of ageing and the impact on relationships,
sexual health and sexual function are
increasingly recognised as important areas of study and
attention. A considerable proportion of older people
who want to be sexually active will report that a ‘sexually
satisfying relationship’ is important to them for
overall well-being.
Outcome, Discussion & recommendations: Public
health policies and easy access to therapeutic interventions
can have significant and beneficial consequences
for the older person (and their partner). Detrimental
health indices are not universal with normal ageing but
inequity of access to public health and social care services
varies extensively leading to potentially devastating
effects for both individuals and relationships.
Developments during this second decade of the millennium
will be considered. Age appropriate education,
the need for changes to healthcare services and the
development of advocacy including the WAS
Declaration of Sexual Rights can each facilitate the betterment
of sexual health and intimate relationships for
older people and initiatives will be presented for further
Keywords: Ageing, Sexual Rights, Sexual well being
Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement: None