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Rethinking ‘Sexual Pleasure’ for Advancing Sexual Health and Well-Being

Rethinking ‘Sexual Pleasure’ for Advancing Sexual Health and Well-Being

Talking about sex, sexuality, sexual desire and pleasure
brings in such feeling of shame and embarrassment,
even though there is nothing unnatural about it; nor
are we born with this shame. But we grow up hearing,
knowing and feeling that sex is something shameful.
Sex and sexuality are often thrown at us as topics not
be discussed, as topics that are meant only for adults,
from which adolescents and young people need to be
protected. There is emerging evidence that indicates
that the systems that create positive and negative attitudes
(and outcomes) around sex, sexuality and desire
exist at the intersection between the individual and
issues that shape our social contexts. Social and cultural
taboos make it even more difficult for adolescents,
young people and even adults to have meaningful conversations
about sex, desire and need for information
and rights-based services. In order to help adolescents
and young people with access to information and services
that they need, we must understand and address
the barriers they face in accessing these and we must
understand what works in empowering them to overcome
these barriers. This requires a systematic change
and it requires diverse stakeholders to come together
and work towards promoting sexual pleasure as an
important means of promoting sexual health and wellbeing.
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Speakers: Vithika Yadav