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Diagnosis of Male Sexual Disorder – by History Taking

Diagnosis of Male Sexual Disorder – by History Taking

Sexual disorders are one of the most common disorders of human functioning and deserve attention of almost all physicians regardless of their particular speciality. A new model to diagnose sexual disorder by history taking will be presented. This involves 4 key elements – i.e. desire, erection, penetration and orgasm/ejaculation.

Almost all male sexual problems revolve around these 4 key elements which will be discussed in detail. This model will help in sharpening the diagnostic skills.With this particular structure in mind, a physician will be able to diagnose sexual disorders, as if he is diagnosing respiratory or gastrointestinal problems in his clinical setup.

The model is brief, well structured and pinpoints the diagnosis precisely. The model has been tried and tested in more than 50000 cases at the department of sexual medicine, KEM hospital, Mumbai, India.

Speakers: Prakash Kothari