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What is an Integrated Buddhist Psychotherapy?

What is an Integrated Buddhist Psychotherapy?

How Buddhist teachings and meditative practices can be incorporated into psychotherapeutic sessions is illustrated. In the speaker’s practice of Meditative Psychotherapy the session begins and ends with brief meditations. There are discussions on how therapists can better manage their countertransference using mindfulness and how patients progress not only in the cessation of symptoms but develop a calmer, ethical and happier well-being.

Speakers: Dr Eng-Kong Tan
Conference: Demo
Areas of Interest / Categories: Meditation, Mindfulness, Religion and Spirituality

Religion and Spirituality

Literature Review: The Effectiveness of Spiritual and Religious Interventions in Therapy

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Salient Isolation: Anguish Experienced by Muslims who are Bereaved by Suicide.

Society, Catholicism and the human person as complex systems and sub-systems

Complexity theory is recognised as the New Science that conceptualises the universe as a system of communicating systems. As such, everything in the universe is better understood by exploring the dynamic, nonlinear relationships between the parts that make up the whole. Psychoanalytic Complexity Theory provides a new, but familiar contribution to contemporary psychoanalytic theory and practice.