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The mind and the genitals

The mind and the genitals

Research has clearly indicated that biological, psychological, social and cultural factors impact on sexual response. This paper will examine the contribution of psychological factors to the development of sexual response in both men and women. Both long term and current psychological factors will be considered, as well as differences in the responses of men and women to the factors.

I will also discuss the extent to which it is possible to link particular psychological variables to particular problems in the response cycle, or whether the factors have a more general association with sexual dysfunction. Examples of variables that will be discussed are sex-specific variables (e.g., sex guilt or shame, sexual anxiety, and performance anxiety), mood variables (e.g., depression, anxiety, stress) and responses to the relationship (e.g., relationship satisfaction, conflict, communication). The way in which psychological variables can enhance or impede sexual functioning will be discussed.

Conference: WAS Glasgow 2011
Areas of Interest / Categories: Mind and Mind-Body, Sexual Dysfunction, Sexuality