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What is Buddhist Psychotherapy? Integrating Buddhism and psychotherapy

What is Buddhist Psychotherapy? Integrating Buddhism and psychotherapy

Many senior psychotherapists have noted the role and benefits of spiritual teachings and practices. For the last two decades Western Psychotherapies have appropriated MINDFULNESS from the Spiritual Traditions, and in particular from Buddhism. Today there are many Mindfulness Based Therapies within mainstream psychotherapies. However, there are very many other teachings and practices from Buddhism which are useful for the psychotherapeutic dyad. There is a lot in recent psychotherapeutic literature comparing Buddhist teachings and practices with cognitive/behavioural and psychodynamic/analytic therapies.

This symposium describes how we can integrate the two healing traditions to produce a more effective and holistic therapy useful for a wider patient/client population. There will be descriptions of a Professional Training Course in Sydney, Australia, which brings together experienced psychotherapists with senior Buddhist monastics from the major Buddhist Traditions to compare, contrast and combine the therapeutic practices from both healing traditions. The presenters will outline how the first batch graduates of this course have been able to integrate Buddhism and Psychotherapy in their professional work. These graduates have found the 2 year course of 10 weekend modules and 3 meditation retreats personally rewarding and transforming. Their positive and encouraging feedback reveals how they integrated Buddhist Philosophy, Psychology and Meditations into the consultation rooms and their personal lives. There will be plenty of time for questions, comments and discussions from the floor.

Speakers: Dr Eng-Kong Tan
Conference: Demo
Areas of Interest / Categories: Mindfulness