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The impact of trauma on brain development.

The impact of trauma on brain development.

In this presentation Dr Pieter Rossouw focuses on the impact of trauma on brain development, exploring the basic principles of neural development, neural proliferation and plasticity, and the effects of violation of basic needs on the developing brain.
Research demonstrates that optimal neural growth is facilitated in “enriched environments”. The key facilitators of enriched environments are briefly discussed with special focus on the role of attachment and control. The neural correlates of these needs are explored and considered in terms of violations of these needs.

The effects of these violations and key indicators (age, duration and intensity) are explored in relation to changes in neurochemical releases, neural activation, neural structures, and ultimately changes in neural networks.
The implications of these changes in terms of resilience and relapse are also discussed. Indicators for interventions to effectively address trauma from neural perspectives are explored with guidelines for clinical practice.

Areas of Interest / Categories: Neurobiology