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Taking life less Personally

Taking life less Personally

The self – the ego, I, me – is a major source of suffering, as we cling to its wants, try to build up its possessions and glorifications, and react to how others treat it. We believe the self is a real entity – but in the brain, no sign of this being can be found. This talk will:
•  Explore how the delusion of being a self is constructed in the brain
•  Show the actual transience, compoundedness, and dependent origination – and thus the “emptiness” – of the apparent self in the brain
•  Present several brain-savvy practices for relaxing the sense of self 
Speakers: Dr. Rick Hanson
Conference: Demo
Areas of Interest / Categories: Psychotherapy, Religion and Spirituality, Self

Religion and Spirituality

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Society, Catholicism and the human person as complex systems and sub-systems

Complexity theory is recognised as the New Science that conceptualises the universe as a system of communicating systems. As such, everything in the universe is better understood by exploring the dynamic, nonlinear relationships between the parts that make up the whole. Psychoanalytic Complexity Theory provides a new, but familiar contribution to contemporary psychoanalytic theory and practice.