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Judaism and Healing

Judaism and Healing

In This lecture Mrs Brodesky  discusses Judaism, its principles, history and culture, and its impact on psychological healing. It will focus on some key concepts of the Jewish teachings that are relevant to psychological practice. Traditional story telling is one cultural method of healing that will be touched on.  This lecture also closely considers two clinical case studies in order to further apply these concepts to the therapeutic context.

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Recorded at  Audio Visual Archives,  Suite 13/1a Berry Rd, St Leonards, 2065
21 November 2007, New South Wales, Australia.

Conference: Demo
Areas of Interest / Categories: Religion and Spirituality

Religion and Spirituality

Literature Review: The Effectiveness of Spiritual and Religious Interventions in Therapy

Lost in the Pelvic Zone: Catholic Thought on Sexual Ethics

Salient Isolation: Anguish Experienced by Muslims who are Bereaved by Suicide.

Society, Catholicism and the human person as complex systems and sub-systems

Complexity theory is recognised as the New Science that conceptualises the universe as a system of communicating systems. As such, everything in the universe is better understood by exploring the dynamic, nonlinear relationships between the parts that make up the whole. Psychoanalytic Complexity Theory provides a new, but familiar contribution to contemporary psychoanalytic theory and practice.