The advanced and new methods of sex therapy in China

The advanced and new methods of sex therapy in China

2016-10-01 00:00:00 25m

Sex therapy is a good method for resolving sexual and marital problems in the world. In the past 2 decades, sex therapy has become increasingly popular among Chinese psychologists and clinical doctors, who master and practice this method in their clinical work.

This lecture will provide an overview of the rich Chinese sex culture and history of sex therapy and also the evolution that has led to the advanced and new methods in sex therapy in China. We have been using different ways including history review, experts’ visiting, survey and clinical practice to show Chinese traditional sex culture and new methods in sex therapeutic approach. 

China has over 5000 years’ history in civilization and sex culture. Sex therapy has been a good, documented method in Chinese health and medical history. The new technical, standard thinking for Chinese sex therapy was set up and discussed by the experts involved in the sexual field numerous times. As a result, some of new methods were extrapolated and practiced in the Chinese clinical work.

Sex therapy is a good treatment option in sexual science and accepted by the Chinese government and the general population. The new methods including technical and standard schools of thoughts in sex therapy are proved by the Chinese professionals and absorbed into practice in their clinical work.

Speakers: Peicheng Hu
Areas of Interest / Categories: Sex Therapy
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