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Psychopharmacology of psychosexual disorders: the evidence and emerging options

Psychopharmacology of psychosexual disorders: the evidence and emerging options

Sexology 2016

Sexual and Reproductive Health in Corporate Culture

Life Skill Education for Adolescents- A Dilemma for Trainers

Adolescence is the stormiest period in life. It is a transition period that bridges childhood and adulthood. Adolescents face major physical, emotional and psychological changes due to hormonal changes in the body. It is a period of confusion, aggression and storm and stress for many adolescents.

Is Sexuality Education a distant Reality in India? - A Qualitative Survey

Sexuality education has been valued since the 1960s in medical schools worldwide. Although recent studies reaffirm the importance of incorporating sexuality education into medical education, there are insufficient data concerning how this can happen in India. Sexuality education has been a subject of controversy from the beginning of its introduction in the schools in India. 

Clinical Profile of Men with Different Sexual Orientation

Introduction: Medical, psychological and sexual problems are common in homosexual and bisexual men. In India, studies on sexual problems in these groups of men are sparse.

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Role of Vitamin D in Erectile Dysfunction

Endothelial Dysfunction has been demonstrated to play an important role in pathogenesis of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Vitamin D deficiency is deemed to promote Endothelial Dysfunctions. Vitamin D is considered to be the best indicator of overall Vitamin D status of an individual and to reflect the level of circulating substrate for the tightly regulated hydroxylation into the active, hormonal form of Vitamin D.

Diabetes and Sexual Problems