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Sexual Rights as Human Rights

Sexual Rights as Human Rights

The attainment and maintenance of sexual health for individuals, couples, and families is a necessary prerequisite for the sustained social and economic development of communities and nations. Its premise is that the promotion of human rights is essential to health and human development in general and to the improvement of sexual well-being and sexual health in particular, and that the ability of individuals to achieve sexual health and sexual well-being depends on their access to comprehensive information about sexuality and to good-quality sexual health care, and an environment that affirms and promotes privacy, dignity and non-discrimination. All these aspects concern not only health but also the respect, protection and fulfilment of sexual rights as human rights.

The presentation provides a content and meaning of the articulation of sexual rights as fundamental human rights as they are stated in the updated WAS Declaration of Sexual Rights. It will highlight how the increased recognition, understanding and acceptance of the role of sexual rights in people’s lives, and their inclusion in all interventions in relation to sexual health, can create further opportunities for comprehensive sexual health programmes to improve health and well-being in general, and sexual health in particular. It will underscore the significance of human rights accountability of various actors in the context of the development and implementation of rights-based law, policy, programmatic, health system and service delivery interventions in the area of sexuality and sexual health.

Speakers: Eszter Kismodi
Areas of Interest / Categories: Sexual Health, Sexual Rights