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A character analytic approach to working with desire problems

A character analytic approach to working with desire problems

Treating sexual desire problems is often a time demanding, complicated and difficult process, in particular if the lack of desire is caused mostly by the great bulk of what we call relational factors. Very often the out come of therapy does not correspond with the initial request of the client(s).
Traditional sexological treatment of desire problems, that are often grounded on variations of CBT, may sometimes increase symptoms or consolidate the condition.
Working with desire as connected to the brains motivational system, it may often be necessary to focus on the deeper aspects of motivation and aversion.

To understand some common factors in desire problems, like anxiety and depression, I build on Wilhelm Reich’s theory of how we, due to traumas in childhood, inhibit our vitality and life energy thru developing more or less chronic muscular tensions, and how this influences and puts restrictions on our experience of desire and therefor also on sexual desire.
I will present character analytic approach as it is developed in Norway after Reich’s influence in the late 1930’s in Oslo. With a case I will illustrate some character analytic and body oriented ways of working with the clients sexuality, that in my experience, target the deeper aspects of motivation and sexual desire.

Speakers: Sissel Schaller
Conference: WAS Glasgow 2011