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Adolescent sexual health in challenging times

Adolescent sexual health in challenging times

Intimate partner violence is estimated to affect 30% of adolescent girls and it further increases the risks of mental health morbidity, sexually transmitted infection (STI) & unintended pregnancy. Regarding HIV infection, approximately one million young people are infected annually, comprising 2/5ths of all new infections. Finally, while globally condemned, female genital mutilation remains a widespread practice affecting over 100 million females. Within developed countries, boys and girls are reaching puberty earlier and marrying later. Public health initiatives have focused on teenage pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted infection prevention (including HPV vaccination) and the role of alcohol and recreational drug use in sexual health morbidity.

Those working closely with adolescents would include intimate violence, sexual orientation and gender identity, body image and sexual problems to the list. Considerable efforts have been placed on promoting mutual respect and responsibility, providing comprehensive sex education programs, making health services ‘adolescent friendly’ to increase access; advocating healthy practices and targeting vulnerable and marginalized groups. The speaker will use examples from her own clinical experience and discuss the increasingly important positive as well as negative role of “new media” in sexual health.

Speakers: Dr. Susan Logan
Conference: WAS Singapore 2015