Becoming Holy: Becoming Whole

Becoming Holy: Becoming Whole

2008-09-01 00:00:00

This paper will examine biblical and theological models of sanctification or growth in the spiritual life. Sanctification is as sometimes overlooked aspect of the Christian understood of salvation, and is understood very differently across the Christian spectrum.

Sanctification, however, includes an understanding of union with Christ, and is associated with various practices such as prayer, taking communion, living in community, resisting evil, taking up your cross, loving your enemy, confessing sin, examining your conscience, practicing virtue, giving hospitality, indwelling the Word and communing with the Spirit.

I examine these practices and also the dark side by which they become oppressive in some circumstances, becoming obsessive or coerced or instrumental practices rather than a free means to a union with God and neighbour.
In the last part of the paper I make associations between narrative therapy and some aspects of Christian spirituality. In particular I look at the narrative practices of externalization, co-research, the recruitment of a life-club, and resistance of the voice of evil. I look at models of the self which resonate in narrative and Christian theology.

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Recorded: At the Psychological & Spiritual Society (PASS) University of Western Sydney ‘Spirituality, Human Development and Well-Being Conference’, Sydney, Australia,July 2008.

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