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Concepts of Sexology in Progressive Islamic Ideology

Concepts of Sexology in Progressive Islamic Ideology

In Shiaat Muslims second biggest sect in Pakistan Practice of MUTTA allows NIIKAH for specified time period.  Permission of remarriage after death or divorce provides an option to both male and female to regulate their sexuality.  Apart from reproduction Islam does recognize right of deriving pleasure through sex.  In Islam discussion about various sexual issues is acceptable.  Option of oral sex is contingent on personal concept of hygiene.  However anal sex with female is discouraged.  Islam strictly prohibits homosexuality and adultery.  Act of masturbation is allowed only as a lesser evil to prevent greater sin. Obscenity is not approved as it leads to adultery. Discussion: Islam tends to balance social and physical needs of human beings.  NIKKAH legitimatize sexual relation between male and female.  However, sexuality practiced in so called Islamic societies is not in accordance with the spiritual guide lines of Islam. Concepts of sexuality in Islam are different from Christianity and Judaism so it warrants more studies research.

AKNOWLEDGEMENT: I am grateful to RIZWAM MALIK for his support.

Speakers: Neil and Dwain
Conference: Demo