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Cultural Diversity and Sensitivity in Sex Therapy

Cultural Diversity and Sensitivity in Sex Therapy

The workshop will focus initially on four elements:
· Being aware of the existence of differences – the willingness to see our clients and ourselves on cultural contexts.
· Having knowledge of the client’s culture – seeking accurate information and avoiding myths, stereotypes and generalizations.
· Distinguishing between culture and pathology in treatment – understanding the subtleties of cultural determinants for sexual behaviors which some may find unfamiliar or disturbing.
· Taking culture into account in therapy – sufficient familiarity with cultural norms and expectations to choose acceptable, effective interventions.

In addition, the workshop will look at the following issues: inclusive language; the efficacy of ethnic matching (attempting to find a therapist with similar ethnic background to that of the client); and acknowledging that both therapist and client can be the “other.”
Finally the workshop will offer specific guidelines for therapists working with various ethnic groups and authority figures within those groups.

Speakers: David S Ribner
Conference: WAS Glasgow 2011