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Developing Peer Led Communication Skills Program for Cancer Clinicians -‘Discussing Sexuality with Cancer Patients’

Developing Peer Led Communication Skills Program for Cancer Clinicians -‘Discussing Sexuality with Cancer Patients’

The Cancer Council Victoria (TCCV) operates the Victorian Cancer Clinicians Communication Program (VCCCP). Initially VCCCP trained facilitators to run half-day workshops for cancer doctors. VCCCP is now being expanded to include training for nursing / allied health professionals.
The first module is “Discussing sexuality with cancer patients their family and friends”. This module has been developed as:
  1. it is known that cancer and its treatment can profoundly affect a person’s sexuality; (
  2. many clinicians find it difficult to discuss sexuality with their patients;
  3. communication skills can be improved;
  4. it is often the role of a nurse / allied health professional to have these discussions.

A multidisciplinary steering group was established to guide development of the workshop structure and associated materials. Print (workshop) resources were developed following review of available evidence and consistent with adult-learning principles. A DVD modelling ideal communication around sexuality was commissioned. Two facilitators were approached to conduct the ‘train the trainer’ day and actors recruited to be trained to work in workshop role plays situations.

The workshop structure and associated print and audiovisual resources have been developed and extensively reviewed. Later this year ten facilitators, working in pairs (nurse with social worker or psychologist), will be trained in a 1.5 day ‘train the trainer’ session to deliver the workshops. Several actors will be trained. It is planned that workshop participants will complete a pre and post workshop evaluation and an eight-week post workshop evaluation. Questions include major barriers to discussing sexuality and satisfaction with: the workshop as a whole; role-plays; facilitators, and other characteristics of the workshop. Conclusions: This is a novel training program, based on strong need and built on a strong evidence-base.

Speakers: Suzann Hegarty