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Genital Autonomy as a Sexual Right

Genital Autonomy as a Sexual Right

This talk will explore the ongoing and progressive ways of promoting genital autonomy for female, male and intersex children and youngsters. Within the last few years in various countries across Europe, especially in Germany, UK and the Nordic countries, the right to bodily integrity as a sexual right has been on the agenda creating constructive discussions as well as promising practices and statements.

The key developments have been reflected in the governmental agencies, such as Nordic Ombudspersons for Children and the Council of Europe after persistent work in the field of NGO. Many organisations are working separately and increasingly together to develop advocacy strategies and lobby decision-makers. Also, general public is now better informed of the problems of non-therapeutic genital surgery. Even if governments act for the future, there is still a need to cater for the requirements of those who are suffering from the loss of their sexual rights. Counsellors, therapists, psychologists and medical personnel need to be able to provide relevant data, support and advice. This progress is possible by educating people to combat the harmful traditions and by raising awareness of sexual rights.

Speakers: Tiina Vilponen
Conference: WAS Singapore 2015