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How Mindset can Create or Disrupt Resilience and Hope

How Mindset can Create or Disrupt Resilience and Hope

The explosive outpouring of knowledge about the brain and how mindset directly affects how the brain and body function leads us to ask not only how to make things better, but also what are we making ourselves better from? Why is our resilience so sorely tested and our hope so diminished? What led us to focus on failures rather than strengths?

The Winner/Loser World Theory draws from the knowledge base of Interpersonal Neurobiology, Positive Psychology, Complexity Theory and the new field of Psychosocial Genomics to describe the damaging effects of a world where personal worth and value is often based on whether arbitrary external social measures are achieved. This mindset creates a fearful cascade of activity in the brain and body that has an underlying and chronic impact on resilience, hope and confidence in personal strengths. The natural, healthy and strength based processes are readily enabled when in the positively engaged mindset of personal challenge and endeavour. A simple set of self-organising fundamentals will be shown that can shift our mindset rapidly and readily into a space where resilience, hope and personal strengths become the foundations of daily life rather than an aching need.

Speakers: Richard Hill
Conference: Demo