Integrating Human Rights in Sexual Health Training

Integrating Human Rights in Sexual Health Training

2016-07-01 00:00:00

Evidence shows that respect, protection and fulfilment of Human Rights contribute to positive reproductive health and sexual health outcomes. Human rights become enforceable when they are codified in international treaties, national constitutions and laws.

So, it is important to integrate the fundamental standards of human rights and their application and the link between sexual health and human rights and to identify binding treaties, regional conventions and local laws, applied to sexual health. Human rights are guaranteed in international and regional treaties, national constitutions and local laws.

It is necessary to explain the legal value of these texts and the legal control mechanisms and court like the African [Banjul] Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights or, the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child. Fundamental Human Rights of UN, Regional Conventions and local laws are applicable for example to protect reproductive and sexual rights.

It is possible to use the same rights and the same rationale to promote a better access to HIV services. In the end of the session, people would be able to integrate the importance of human rights as a tool to promote sexual health.

Speakers: Ingrid Geray
Conference: WAS Singapore 2015
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