Integration of spiritual practice in helping professions.

Integration of spiritual practice in helping professions.

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Spiritual healing is an essential element of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and other religious and philosophical systems. This lecture highlights the importance of the integration of spirituality and faith into helping professions with a particular emphasis on the Islamic faith. It argues that religion and spirituality can be a source of healing and can provide strength at critical times, helping people to find meaning in their lives.

While much attention has been paid to the recovery process of individuals within the context of Western cultural values, this lecture reflects on ways in which psychological problems are dealt with within the context of integrating spirituality and religious beliefs in therapeutic healing, when it is appropriate. The presenter draws upon t 14 years of therapeutic practice with highly traumatized populations, particularly those from refugee backgrounds.

The model presented is sensitive to the clients’ frame of reference, but also applies Western psychological tools, such as cognitive restructuring to the religious values and beliefs of clients to facilitate recovery from the impact of great  loss and dislocation, depression and anxiety  and other psychological problems.

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