Long-Term and Short-Term Health Benefits of Sexual Expression in Care (and Cure)

Long-Term and Short-Term Health Benefits of Sexual Expression in Care (and Cure)

2015-09-01 00:00:00

Not so long ago medical care was only dealing with diseases and problems. Only recently the health benefits of nutrients, exercise and emotional relaxation have received proper attention. Sexology and sexual medicine have not yet reached this stage of development and are still mainly occupied with treating disturbances, without paying proper attention to the health benefits of sexuality. Many physicians linger in the worries about potential dangers of sex such as stroke, myocardial infarction and sexual transmission of infections. On the other side, there is a slowly growing amount of data on the physical benefits of sexuality.

This presentation will look at the apparent long-term benefits. Scrutinising and analysing the still rather limited amount of articles that deal with the potential long-term benefits of various ways of sexual expression.

Results: Although it is very difficult to prove causal links, it appears that several aspects of sexual contact are beneficial for physical health. Relevant examples among others are: increased longevity; a decrease in cardiovascular disturbances; a decrease in prostate cancer; a decrease in vaginal atrophy; and a slowing down of cognitive decline.

Sexuality is more healthy than dangerous. The sexual health profession should pay more attention to this field and start the discussion on where such knowledge should be integrated in prevention and care and how strategies in that area should be developed and implemented.

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