My Experience of Psychotherapy with African-Russian Clients

My Experience of Psychotherapy with African-Russian Clients

2015-10-01 00:00:00

In the first event, I was able to help them integrate. This group of African-Russians learnt and worked in the sphere of advertisements and services. Social positions, which they obtrude, were a realisation of the associations Russian people have about “Africans”; (theatrical dressed, waiters, restaurant or desk clerks, serving the sex-industry, etc.) They strongly disapprove of these stereotypes and their reactions on the surrounding world were aggressive and depressive.

The other category of African-Russian people pertained to an elite layer. They speak well in Russian language and often belong to two cultures: Russian and their Native culture. They most sharply outlive the racist stereotypes of other Russian people. On my glance, their mentality is more vulnerable. They have great difficulties contacting African associations in Russia, and the majority of African-Russians’ parents are only African.

At the same time, I must note a greater psychological flexibility of the African-Russians psyche in contrast with non-African Russians. African-Russians, ‘think more clearly’, resorting to strategy in the right and left hemisphere of the cerebrum, their figurative thinking is more strategic and their rational mind more alternative. However, their identity forms their main problem. Considering particularities of their intellect, I tried to use the so called “negritude” concept of Leopold Sengor, as well as existential psychoanalysis of Jean-Paul Sartre and Viktor Frank life-sense therapy.

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