Need for more opportunities for formal psychotherapy training in Africa

Need for more opportunities for formal psychotherapy training in Africa

2015-05-01 00:00:00

Many of the universities in Africa offer degree programmes in Psychology. They have highly qualified professors, and lecturers who to a great extent were trained in different areas of psychotherapy in Europe or America. These experts have, not only published their experiences of psychotherapy in Africa, but have also tried to develop some African culturally rooted forms of psychotherapy (e.g. Ubuntu Therapy in South Africa, Meseron therapy and Harmony Restoration therapy in Nigeria).

All these efforts and other western schools of thought in psychotherapy, however, have not been designed and developed for full formal training for students of psychotherapy in a university setting or formal training under the umbrella of a psychotherapy organization or school. In this presentation, the authors therefore discuss recent efforts being made to establish a formal training institution for psychotherapy in an African setting.

The challenges posed by psychological trauma resulting from the HIV/AIDS pandemic, child abuse and neglect, different forms of abuse of human dignity, tribal wars and political conflicts, poverty, migration, and stress-provoking lifestyles in the African continent are enormous. They need proper formal training of psychotherapists for proper attention. The challenges and prospects are also highlighted.

Speakers: Sylvester Madu
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