Penile Augmentation: Myth and Reality

Penile Augmentation: Myth and Reality

2016-05-01 00:00:00

There are some controversies about the rationality because the surgical indication and standardization of surgical techniques have not yet been confirmed except the limited clinical situations including micropenis, concealed penis and acquired short penis due to injury or iatrogenic 302 causes1.

Nevertheless, the clinical necessity of penile augmentation is beginning to be accepted like aesthetic surgery for women as the opposition theory. Penile augmentation is mainly performed by girth enhancement and lengthening. Several new techniques and modifications for penile augmetation have been introduced in the world literature. The techniques for penile girth enhancement are comprised of synthetic material injection or implantation, tissue autograft using fat, dermis or ascia, heterogenous tissue graft and tissue engineering. The techniques for penile lengthening are composed of skin reconstruction, lipo-suction, ligament release and glans advancement.

This lecture will not only introduce recent advances in the field of penile augmentation surgery, but also review the bright as well as the dark side of the surgery.

       1- The 22nd Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health J Sex Med 2015;12(suppl 5):294–381

Conference: WAS Singapore 2015
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