Pre-Psychotherapy Modality Integrates Theory, Research, and Practice

Pre-Psychotherapy Modality Integrates Theory, Research, and Practice

2020-04-01 00:00:00

Emotion, like music, is a universal language. ¬†Animating the languages of all cultures, emotion is the key to unlocking human potential. Emovera is a global web service, communication capability, and open community comprised of psychotherapists and patients, among other community members. The core tool of Emovera provides instantaneous analysis of a structured, projective 15 minute expression of personal responses to ‘How does SOMETHING or DOING SOMETHING make you feel?’

The tool innovatively separates emotional clutter and familiar outlook from one’s deepest emotional truth. Once revealed, such natural insight-generating and energizing truth can be focused on to predict, inspire, and motivate new adaptive behavior. Used independently by patients to heal, change, and re-create themselves between sessions, the tool enables the therapeutic alliance to begin or enrich sessions by focusing on the patient’s heart-of-the-matter for any designated topic, explained in the patient’s own language. Up to now, psychotherapy theory, research, and practice have remained balkanized if not fractured.

There is a dearth of evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence, the essential pillars of psychotherapy in the 21st century. Emovera bridges this gap, and invites psychotherapists practicing every modality to participate as collaborators in this neuroscience-based initiative to provide a springboard for the realization of human potential. An open, inclusive, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, standard-bearing online community, Emovera offers personal privacy along with optional degrees of social connection. Automated individual reports, and aggregated research reports preserving the anonymity of individuals, are available to WCP member-participants and their patients with digital access and literacy. Funding for Emovera is provided by Emotion Mining Company, the developer and operator of the technology, and its sponsoring institutions, corporations, organizations, and donors. Visit to learn more and join to participate.

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