Reclaiming ‘Lost’ sexual desire with body-oriented therapy

Reclaiming ‘Lost’ sexual desire with body-oriented therapy

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Sources of emotional core material, patterns of sexual withdrawal and habits of internal holding are described and how these are brought to the client\’s awareness. Once experienced in a bodily sense, clients understand these inner limitations and are then able to actively effect changes. The processes how clients restore deeper feelings and sexual desires are explained.

This paper proposes that sexual interest is never \’lost\’ or absent, sexual desire only withdraws and can therefore be reclaimed through the technique of \’sourcing\’. Frequently, clients do not know why their sexual desires are low, but there are usually precise and good reasons why this is the case.

The method of sourcing allows clients to discover the causes of their desire difficulties. Clients appreciate this approach, because right from the start of therapy the knowledge what caused desires to drop is integrated into the solutions to recover sexual feelings. Through case studies an outline of the therapy model is presented. Implications for working with clients suffering from long-term and persisting desire disorders are discussed.

Speakers: Andrea Haas
Conference: Demo
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