Sex – not only for reproduction

Sex – not only for reproduction

2016-07-01 00:00:00

The clitoris’ sole function is to offer sexual excitement; the ability to sustain multiple orgasms and fertile period (time of ovulation) with no obvious tell-tale signs suggest the possibility that women do have sex not only for reproduction but also for pleasure and intimacy with their partners.

The anatomical and physiological changes during pregnancy and post-delivery potentiate sexual difficulties which may need to be addressed. In addition, women with dyspareunia (painful sex) do form a significant percentage of clients who attend the gynaecology clinic – up to about 8–22% based on case series. Some women may even be referred to the infertility specialist for complaints of primary subfertility but upon further interviewing and examination, for a realisation that the patient had severe vaginismus. Therefore, a gynaecologist is in the best position to care for these women in order to avoid worsening of their complaints and to make appropriate referrals to other specialties, if deemed necessary.

Sex in women is not solely for reproduction. We will explore further into the sexual anatomy and physiology of healthy women in the reproductive years and the management of women with such conditions as dyspareunia and vaginismus, which adversely affect their sexual health.

Conference: WAS Singapore 2015
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