Suicide situation in Azerbaidjan

Suicide situation in Azerbaidjan

2012-08-01 00:00:00 8m

During last years dramatic rise of suicides number in Azerbaijan were observed. At the same time official the statistics included only the evident cases of suicide, therefore  the actual number considerably exceeds official figure. According to the unofficial data, the number of complicated suicides in Azerbaijan is 11 to 100 000 of the total population. Because the country doesn’t conduct official statistics of suicides we couldn’t obtain this information from authorities. We were forced to refer to statistics based on information about completed suicides in Azerbaijan within first half of 2011 from the printed media and the Internet. According to these sources 102 people self-murdered: 77 (75,5%) of them were male, 25 (24,5%) female.

The majority of the cases were registered in Baku 47(46,1%), or 15 to 100 000 of the population. The rest cases of suicides happened in different regions of the country.  The number of self-murders in the North districts of Azerbaijan composed 28 persons (24,7%), in the South 16(15,7%), in North-West districts 11 (10,8%).

The Majority of suicides were in the able to work population (63,7%). Less in the children and adolescent population (11,7%), and 24,6% in the elderly population.

Of the able to work group, most male suides were related to severe economic conditions (65,4%), for female – by family conflicts (31,8%). Also were registered self-murdering cases among young people whoes parents were opposing their marriage. Physial illness was a cause but limited in number. 

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