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The adventure of a Community Organisation ‘hapiness manfest’

The adventure of a Community Organisation ‘hapiness manfest’

In 2002, based upon research from the relatively new field of positive psychology
the Board of Carers NT accepted a policy called ‘The Happiness Manifesto’.
This ten point document has become the grounding document of the service delivery and management of the organisation. Carers NT was a small non government agency providing support to carers. Since 2002 it has grown in both size and self confidence to become a lead social agency in the Northern Territory of Australia.
The paper will argue that at least some of this growth can be explained by adherence to basic positive approaches gleaned from research. This paper will explore the impact of the ten point ‘manifesto ‘ and in doing so address topics as wide ranging as service delivery to remote indigenous communities, the development of networks with other service delivery agencies, staff retention and the development of a carer wellbeing centre. It will even deviate into the cul-de-sac of laughter and its impact on the marketing of a community agency. The presentation
will be supported by a paper ‘the Science of the Happiness Manifesto’ which connects the points of the manifesto with existing research

Speakers: Garry Halliday
Conference: Demo