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The impact of contraceptive methods on female sexual function

The impact of contraceptive methods on female sexual function

Statistics showing the high prevalence of sexual dysfunctions in women of the reproductive age group indicate that this assumption is wrong. It seems therefore necessary that the family planning professional takes a more active role in the care for the sexual health of their patients. Regular case discussions and supervision by two trained sexologist elaborating a basic teaching program for family health professionals to provide sexual health care

The professional for contraception needs some special knowledge, understanding, communicative skills and technical competences.
a) Knowledge about the types of sexual dysfunctions women may experience during different phases of their reproductive life ;
b) Understanding of the complex interplay between biological, psychological, relationship and sociocultural factors contributing to sexual problems including the possible impact of various contraceptive methods
c) Communicative skills to address sexual issues with patients in an open, non-judgemental, structured way
d) Technical competences to establish a biopsychosocial diagnosis of the sexual problem(s), provide basic counselling and treatment and refer to other specialists if necessary.
The training program will be presented.

Conference: WAS Glasgow 2011