The integrative approach of  the WPA model

The integrative approach of the WPA model

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Information technology and internet circumstances have been developed dramatically last two decades, which resulted in heavy growth of online pornography. These conditions made men as well as women to indulge in watching pornography privately, very easily and cheaply. Under the scientific guide of professors Juan Mezzich and Ruben Serrano a specific Educational Program on Sexual Health was established “keeping in mind the broadness of the field of sexuality”. Between the evidence-based research, the clinical wisdom and long experience in the field a new manual on “Psychiatry and sexual health” has been written by an international workgroup of 15 scientists and clinicians with the precious help of many other advisors. This modern approach is based on a contextualized and updated vision both for diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunctions, never forgetting the quality of life and all the other aspects concerning the single one or the couple.

A special attention is paid to the relationship with a client that in any case has to be non-judgemental and empathetic where the focus of the dialogue has to be considered in an integrative manner  and comprehensive of: 1. Medical aspects. 2. Psychological (intrapsychic and relational) aspects, 3. Social, cultural and ethnic variables particularly important in those countries where sexuality can have a negative connotation. Physicians and psychologists should be able to talk about sex with their patients but there is often a lack of good professional training regarding the specific field of sexology. “Sexual disorders are multifactorial in their origin”(Sadock,2000) and we need not only a nosological or a differential diagnosis of the problem but to really understand the person we meet both in the body and in the mind. A team of specialists working together can provide information for treatment planning and contemporary select a combination of stategies from the estensive array of techniques tailoring them on the individual or couple presenting a sexual dysfunction.

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