The New We: Impact of Cancer on the Partner’s Sexuality

The New We: Impact of Cancer on the Partner’s Sexuality

2016-03-01 00:00:00

Today, it is widely acknowledged that cancer can have a profound impact on the sexuality of both people with cancer and also those providing informal care, particularly the intimate partner. Although research has neglected the impact of cancer on the partner’s sexuality, there is a growing acknowledgment of the unmet needs.

Methods: We collected qualitative and quantitative data reported in the literature referring to the impact of the diagnosis and treatment of cancer (across a range of cancer types) on the sexuality of partners.

Results: Data show that cancer may bring in various aspects of the partner’s sexuality. Changes may occur in sexual function, such as lower sexual drive, emotional distance between the couple, and less affectionate physical contact.

Conclusions: Research demonstrates that the impact of cancer and its treatments extends beyond the person with cancer, reinforcing the need for acknowledgment of the sexual and intimate needs of the partners and those of patients with cancer.

Conference: WAS Singapore 2015
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