The Phallus and Ethnicity

The Phallus and Ethnicity

2011-07-01 00:00:00

My objective is to explore the connection between The Phallus and Ethnicity. Psychoanalysis considers the phallus to be a cultural representation of social power which is aligned to that of male authority.

The Phallus as a symbol condenses the configurations that confer and maintain authority and power to man, but it is not the phallus in itself, which is revered, rather, that for which it is the Sign (lingam) – the progenitor or the cosmic individual. Ethnicity comprises an intertwining cluster of attributes that can be observed in an ethnic group. The building blocks for the concept of an ethnic group can be attributed to some of the following: kinship; commensality; common culture; proper name and reverence for the past.

An expansive reading was undertaken of relevant peer reviewed journal articles, books and Internet searches to explore this connection. I discovered that the Phallus appeared in multivarious events such as: rituals, festivals, ceremonies, survivals and vestiges, sometimes in a disguised form, in the entire world in prehistoric times and has perpetuated itself into the present in various regions of the world. Its presence among different ethnic groups is affirmed by symbols such as standing stones, woodcarvings and metal sculptures that can be found in all parts of the world. Sculpture, art architecture and drama abound with examples of phallic representations.

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