Training programs for sexologists in Europe

Training programs for sexologists in Europe

2012-10-01 00:00:00

Based on the admission criteria the following models in training in sexology were created:

1. A medical model,
2. A clinical model, integrating medical and psychological approaches,
3. Separated education in clinical sexology and human sexology,
4. Sex therapy model, and
5. Human sexuality model including its common Nordic model.

The most common model in European training for sexologists is that run by a national association or by an institute; which extends up to two years, where contact education takes place during the week-ends, and where there is a final exam. Those who complete this all will receive a certificate from the organisers of the education. There is a need for training programs in sexology to build and adopt some common standards and requirements in Europe. For the future of sexology in Europe a common certificate in sexology would be highly recommendable.

Conference: WAS Glasgow 2011
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