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Transempregos Project: a Way for Transgender people to Reach Dignity

Transempregos Project: a Way for Transgender people to Reach Dignity

To break that vicious circle, the ABRAT1 decided to create the Transempregos Project, which is divided in three steps: to build a website where transgender people can upload their curriculums and where companies involved with human diversity can offer work opportunities. This phase is already complete and there are more than four hundred curriculums on the site and about twenty-five trans genders whom have already found regular jobs. The second step consists in finding more companies that could offer work positions for transgender people. A partnership was made with the Txai consultancy, which is doing important work with multinational companies involved with diversity and we have been in contact with 92 of them, with the participation of the All Out – in some events. Last December, 12 companies signed a document committing not to discriminate against gender identity. The third step is to find free technical schools that could help transgender people to improve their abilities for the work force. The Instituton Carrefour, a new Brazilian part of the Foundation Carrefour, is helping us on that. We strongly believe that transgender people could have a great contribution to society through their work, but they are impeded by the prejudice that keeps them apart from it. It is not a health issue, it is about human rights.

1- ABRAT: Asspcoação Brasileira de advogados Trabalhistas

Speakers: Márcia Rocha
Conference: WAS Singapore 2015