Violence: an approach to prevention in handicapped persons (in Spanish)

Violence: an approach to prevention in handicapped persons (in Spanish)

2016-03-01 00:00:00

Venezuela is suffering from a severe political, social and economic crisis. Approximately 25.000 deaths have occurred in the 4 main cities in 2014. The statistics are provided by ‘Violence Observatory’ at Central University of our country, the most prestigious research center. Handicapped persons are more exposed to the situations. Child sexual abuse, prostitution, rape, teenage pregnancies, and domestic violence are in higher numbers. Handicapped persons are more vulnerable, creating a clear violation of Human Sexual Rights.

A specific National Sexuality Education Program is in the cards of the Ministry of Education and National Assembly, waiting for a concise political consensus. We will review our contributions to this Program, already published in 1995 (X Symposium International Sexuality Education; Haffner, Barragan, Gomez, Rubio, Seagel, Yarber, Parra, Hernandez et al).

After 10 years, we are still expecting that something will happen. Machismo, value crisis, gender differences, anomia, corruption, poverty and a judicial system dependent of the executive branch of the state, are to be considered. Many other factors like prisons systems, lack of police and trained professionals, and collapse of the institutions are present.

A ‘Violence’ Congress in Caracas, 1998, was a sound success, with participation of all sectors of our society (Violence, Hernandez and Parra, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas, 1998). We hope to change this panorama as soon as it is possible.

Speakers: Neil and Dwain
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