Why Do People Go to Commercial Sex Workers?

Why Do People Go to Commercial Sex Workers?

2016-06-01 00:00:00

1) To know the reasons why people wanted to go to CSWs
2) To identify the socio-economic and cultural situations which influenced the people to visit CSWs.

Material and methods: STD clinic attendees with history of recent contact (within 6 months) with CSW were enrolled into the study. A questionnaire was prepared and was used in all the patients who fulfilled the criteria and after getting the informed consent. A total number of 50 patients were selected and the data were analysed.

Observation and results: Peer pressure (34%) was the major reason, followed by novelty (20%), and under the influence of alcohol (14%) as the other reasons why people chose to go to CSWs. Among the 50 patients, 76% of them were in the age group of 20–40 years. Only 24% of them were single. Eighty four percent of them were living with family (spouse or parent). Among those living away from family (8), 5 of them were living alone and 3 were living with friends. Illiterate patients formed 14%, while others were literate. More than 95% of them were employed or self employed. Ninety percent of them were heterosexuals and 10% were bisexuals.

Conclusion: Peer pressure and novelty are the main reasons for people attending the CSW’s. Illiteracy is no longer a reason for visiting the CSW’s. The incidence can be reduced through appropriate sex education.

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