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Why Do People Go to Commercial Sex Workers?

Why Do People Go to Commercial Sex Workers?

1) To know the reasons why people wanted to go to CSWs
2) To identify the socio-economic and cultural situations which influenced the people to visit CSWs.

Material and methods: STD clinic attendees with history of recent contact (within 6 months) with CSW were enrolled into the study. A questionnaire was prepared and was used in all the patients who fulfilled the criteria and after getting the informed consent. A total number of 50 patients were selected and the data were analysed.

Observation and results: Peer pressure (34%) was the major reason, followed by novelty (20%), and under the influence of alcohol (14%) as the other reasons why people chose to go to CSWs. Among the 50 patients, 76% of them were in the age group of 20–40 years. Only 24% of them were single. Eighty four percent of them were living with family (spouse or parent). Among those living away from family (8), 5 of them were living alone and 3 were living with friends. Illiterate patients formed 14%, while others were literate. More than 95% of them were employed or self employed. Ninety percent of them were heterosexuals and 10% were bisexuals.

Conclusion: Peer pressure and novelty are the main reasons for people attending the CSW’s. Illiteracy is no longer a reason for visiting the CSW’s. The incidence can be reduced through appropriate sex education.