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Why Psychiatrists are Afraid of Sex? (Spanish)

Why Psychiatrists are Afraid of Sex? (Spanish)

Modern Sexology started with Krafft Ebing (1886, Psychopatias Sexualis); after him the German School, Bloch, Marcuse and Hirschfield followed his pioneer work, creating this specialty. Obscurantism and Hitler period blocked the development of scientific knowledge. Masters and Johnson, Money, Kaplan and many others gave birth to the nowadays practice, Psychiatrists were the main reference to studies in the area and DSM were the main reference.

WAS created in 1978 (Rome, 3rd WCS) is the umbrella organization of too many organizations in the field. WPA created the Section of Psychiatry and Human Sexuality in 1999 (Hamburg, WCP) Despite this facts, we are seeing how Psychiatry is taking less interest in Sexology. Every time are less papers on main issues of Human Sexuality in meeting related to this study area compared with too many publications in the mass media elements. This has a landmark in 1998 when Sildenafil appeared. DSM V gave less importance to Sexual Dysfunction, Gender Disphoria and Paraphilias (2013,APA) We want to note that our field is taking over by other specialties, ignoring the difficulties and stigmas of our pioneers. We have to defend the past and be proactive for the future. Psychiatry is close related to Sexology. We will discuss this issues.

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WAS 2013

40 years of academic sex - straight from my heart, by Lars-Gösta Dahlöf

As a psychology and medicine student in the sixties and early seventies I realized that sexology was missing in the education and training curriculum for most health professionals. This concern encouraged me to ask my own department and the University of Gothenburg to modify the current curricula making sexology a compulsory subject in the academic training for physicians and psychologists in the first place. 

Homoaffective relationship in Brazil: past, present and future (Portuguese)

Therapy from the heart: Psychotherapy in the WPATH Standards of Care for transsexual, transgender and Gender non conforming people

The psychotherapy section of the WPATH Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender and Gender nonconforming People (SOC) is the most obvious component of the SOC that has to do with “heart”, the theme of this conference. Psychotherapy, to be good, requires empathy and imagination, connection and relatedness, and listening to story. 

Realities and Problems of Integration of Sexuality Education in Primary and Continuous Training

Commercial Sexual Abuse among Youth in Poland

The LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX foundation coordinated an educational project ahead of the Euro 2012 Football Championship in Poland. This preventative and educational program

History of 40 Years of Teaching in Sexology at SFSC

The Importance of a Sexological Consultation in a General Hospital Nowadays

The medical sexology can be a significant domain for clinical Psychiatry. It is crucial to stress the importance of evaluating sexual life in the clinical global assessment of psychiatric patients/clients: Diagnoses, treatment and quality of their sexual life’s. It is stressed the sexological approach done by the psychiatrists or psychologists in the medical or surgical team in Liaison Psychiatry inside the general hospital.