An Introduction to Short Term Dynamic Interpersonal Psychotherapy (STDIP)

An Introduction to Short Term Dynamic Interpersonal Psychotherapy (STDIP)

2017-09-01 00:00:00

The model I am presenting is an integrated, trauma-informed, contemporary, relational and dynamic way of working with adolescents and adults. Conducted in 10 to 20 weekly sessions, it is phase oriented, structured, flexible, focussed, active and time-limited. Its purpose is to change the patient’s way of behaving, thinking and feeling, by beginning to work on a specific focus which is collaboratively decided upon by patient and therapist. It derives theoretically from the Conversational Model, Attachment Theory, Interpersonal Theory and a long history of short term dynamic therapies.

Trainees in the STDP program are multidisciplinary and see patients from their own services or from referrals to the unit. Patients seen are not uncomplicated – they had significant psychopathology, personality difficulties and significant trauma. Seminars and supervision are part of the 28-week course which commenced in 2011 and is conducted yearly. The first of our results on these patients are extremely heartening and will be presented.

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